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How I Got Started Licensing My Music

So it began like anyone... I learned I absolutely loved making music, and started making and releasing things online around 2008. After growing a a bit of a fanbase and getting some recognition for my music, I still couldn't make any money... and thus the quest to really figure out "HOW DO I MAKE MONEY WITH MY MUSIC?!" was born.

Well, as it turns out, one day I got a message on my YouTube channel from a guy who asked if he could start pitching some of my tracks into MTV shows, thinking they would be a good fit.


After landing my first placement in a show called "Guy Code,"

it quickly became clear music licensing was the answer to the $$$ question.


By simply switching my business plan from

"Put things on Social Media, grow a fanbase and try to sell stuff" to

"finish music and give it to music libraries so it can be licensed into media"

my entire life changed.

As of today, my music has been licensed into over 7,800 projects, earning over 6 figures in income.

I work with several labels and libraries, and have finished hundreds of songs.

If you are a hardworking, dedicated music maker who truly has a passion and wants to learn to build a real income with your skills, then I am available to train you do it.

From writing to production to mixing to business, I will show you the whole path.



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