Learn To Produce

Awesome Electronic Music

From Your Home Studio

From Chords & Melodies To Sound Design To Mixing to Pro Tricks and Beyond...

Take 1-on-1 Lessons Designed To Help You Make Awesome Music From Home


Learn Advanced Modern Music Production... Right On Your Own Songs.

Learning the art of writing & producing music can be a massive challenge. In the past, you've needed to figure it all out on your own, or go to College. YouTube is helpful... but only to a point.


The BEST way to learn would be if an expert came in and just showed you exactly what you were doing wrong, and helped you make it sound better. Right in front of you. On your own music.

Well, that's how I conduct my lessons. Using a free software called ZOOM, we can video chat, screen-share, and I can control your computer. It's like I'm right there with you.

Then, to really solidify the concepts we discuss, we breakdown your favorite songs together and help you understand how they were produced... and how you can do the same in your music.

And finally, I even show you behind-the-scenes of real professionally produced songs that are currently getting sync placements and being heard by millions.

I don't think you'll find any other lessons quite like this... tailored right to you.

If you're ready to sound like a pro, and bring out your unique sound in the best way, schedule your first lesson by telling me a little about your goals below.


What Private Lessons Look Like


Feedback From Students

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How Do Private Lessons Work?

You download a free program called "Zoom." At our meeting time, we open a video-chat screen-sharing session on Zoom, and I will start helping you learn how to make your music sound better.

What Music Styles Can You Help Me Learn to Produce?

My speciality is in modern production. I frequently work on pop, electronic, cinematic, rock and hybrid music. I will teach you the philosophy of music production as a whole. This will help you produce in any style you like, and sound amazing.

What Specifically Can You Help Me Learn?

Everything to do with writing, producing and finishing amazing sounding music.

Sound design. Mixing. Mastering. Sample selection. Drum programming. Writing with MIDI. Arrangement. Composition. Music business.

We cover it all, at a pace that's built around you.


How Long Are Lessons?

Each lesson is 90 minutes. I find that 90 minutes lets us really get quality time on a subject and help you solidify it more.

How Much Are Lessons?

I have different packages and pricing depending on your needs. Click below and fill out the form to tell me more about what you need help with, and I'll get right back to you with my packages and how to schedule our first lesson if it's a fit.